Simple Pointers in Mixing Club House Music

Mixing Approaches


There are a lot of approaches that you can follow when it comes to mixing music. Everything will all depend on the DJ equipment you use, and of course, your personal style.

Take note that you cannot just simply use any DJ equipment that comes your way. You will need to get a DJ equipment of professional grade.  If you are mixing some club house music, using the right tool will ensure that all of your mixes will sound incredibly awesome.

Below are some of the steps you have to take when you are mixing club house music. Some of you might have already read these tips somewhere but it is worthy to take a refresher because you definitely have to master a few basic things if you don’t want your mixes to end up sounding dull and sloppy.


Suitable Mix Gear

  • Use the right gear. As far as getting the suitable gear for mixing club house music is concerned, you will need to find a great mixer that can do the job.
  • Never go for a two channel mixer as this one best works for turntablist DJs. At the minimum, you might want to get a four channel mixer that comes with onboard effects, auto BPM, a sampler, and an adjustable fader curve. These four channel mixers come with four faders on them. These have four up or down faders together with a single master fader which moves right and left. The master fader can mix two of the four channels at the same time but not all of the four channels.
  • The onboard effects only means that the mixer comes with several effects integrated right into it. It means that there is no need for you to purchase a separate unit for effects, which helps a lot if you like to add some effects to the mixes you create.
  • If you have an adjustable fader curve on the mixer, it means that you get the chance to adjust how soft or hard your fader will cut out the music. For instance, if you would like to have a smoother clean mix in between the songs, you will probably want to adjust your fader to a smooth or softer curve.
  • If you are scratching, you will want to get a hard curve or for the fader to be set for cutting off the music faster. It will make your cuts and scratch sound much sharper.
  • The sampler will give you an ability of sampling the specific music you play and loop it.  There are instances when it is done for extending the song’s life when the crowd is still into it. This can also free up the deck so that you can cue in your next song.

When it comes to club house music, it is important to keep your audience entertained for as long as possible so that there will be no dull moments. Make sure you remember the tips mentioned above to give you and your audience the best times of your life!